2020 Landscape Trends

It’s 2020, more than ever people are trying to be more environmentally conscious. This means less chemical usage, and using hardier materials that are drought, disease, and pest resistant without constant maintenance or coddling. Try using Florida Friendly plants, or native species that do well in our climate.

There is a large interest in helping wildlife by planting pollinators and other plants that bring in birds, butterflies, bees, etc.

With the increase in development, and decrease in lot size, it is important to create a space that you can enjoy and relax in. Try adding a “green wall” in a corner of your yard and add some furniture so you can sit outside, enjoy the weather, and have a private area! Try adding a little bit of color or plants with a nice fragrance to enhance your space.

Xeric gardening may be costly upfront, but creating beds or pathways with gravel or river rock creates a beautiful space and requires less watering.

Adding large leaves in the landscape is trending in the yard as well as for containers. These plants can be beautiful focal points rather than having blooms.

Lastly, herb gardens are on the rise. Leaves can be used for teas, adding flavor to meals, or herbal medicine are a high interest for 2020.

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