Recognize Poor Planting Techniques and the Consequences of Improper Mulching

Planting trees is all about the details. For example, did you know the tree will settle and actually sink a few inches? This is why it is important to plant above ground level and never cover the top of the root ball. Did you know that mulching right against the trunk of the tree can […]

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We are having TWO classes on Growing and Maintaining your Food Forest. One will be held in Fernandina Beach and one will be held at our Jacksonville location. Click the link to learn topics of discussion and more! Food Forest Flyer

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1. Remove Old Sod The most common way is to spray with round up, although not environmentally friendly, it is the easiest way to go if your lacking the muscles and energy needed. Wait at least two weeks prior to laying sod after spraying. You may need to spray again or use a hard rake […]

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6 Tips for Indoor Plant Care

GET A WATER TRAY WITH WHEELS. If you plan on having a large potted plant, you absolutely need a water tray with wheels. Ideally, you want it in a spot with bright light throughout the year but that is not always an option. You’ll want to move it over a foot or two as the […]

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Young Citrus Tree Care

If you just purchased a young citrus tree, then this article is for you! We found this incredibly helpful article published by the University of Florida Extension Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences on taking care of your young citrus tree. It answers questions like when  to fertilize, when to prune, and routine care.  Click […]

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Why you Should NOT Fertilize in Winter

We understand Florida winters can be pretty mild at times and will vary year to year. On the warm days you feel like wearing flip flops and short sleeve shirts, you may be tempted to fertilize to give your plants an extra boost during this time of lull. It feels like a lull because your […]

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Winter Preparations

There is nothing worse than your tender perennials and tropical plants freezing beyond revival. You worked so hard to get them into the ground and you want to increase their chances of survival through spring. But what do you do after a freeze? There are many ways to protect your plants; these three steps will […]

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Fall Guide to Ornamental Grasses

In addition to camellias and our yellow mystery plant featured in November’s E-Newsletter, ornamental grasses are a sure thing for Fall interest. In this article we’ll cover a variety of grasses and when to cut back for next year’s plumes. Some of our favorites include the native Muhly grass, Cord grass, Purple Fountain Grass, Fakahatchee, […]

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Cassia Tree

Senna bicapsularis Commonly Known as “Cassia” or “Senna”or “Butterfly Bush” This bright colored yellow is sure to catch your eye during the Fall when other plants enter dormancy. It tolerates most soils but is best grown in dry conditions (after establishment) with full sun. Allow plenty of room for this beauty as she can grow […]

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Protecting your Citrus and Fruit Trees

You may have heard of this saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Cure.” This is very true when pertaining to gardening. Any time after Labor Day to the end of October is the perfect time to plant a citrus or fruit tree. The weather is mild in the fall and the […]

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