Flowers or Foliage?

Consider using different foliage textures and colors instead of using plants that bloom. Adding variegated leaves, such as Variegated Ligustrum, Variegated Pittosporum, or Variegated Ginger, against a darker leaf adds a nice color contrast in the landscape. Try using different textures such as Muhly Grass, Foxtail Fern, or Mondo Grass to add interest and movement. […]

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What kind of mulch should you use?

Mulch is usually based upon your personal preference. What do you like the look of? Read below the pros and cons of common groundcover types. Rocks Pros Cost efficient. While they might be expensive upfront, because you don’t have to continuously replenish, they end up being cheaper in years to come. Low maintenance. You almost […]

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Tips from the Designers

“I like to use the tried and true ‘Thriller, filler, and spiller method’ for my potted arrangements. Some plants that work well together are Apostle Iris for a thriller, Creeping Jenny for a spiller, and Vinca or Begonias for a filler.” -Penelope “One of my favorite plant combinations to use in the landscape is the […]

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What to do in December

1. Harvest! Anyone have the joy of owning a citrus tree? Now is the time where the majority of fruits are ripening and perfect for consumption! Have an over-abundance? Get creative with different recipes like a lemon pound cake or a salty dog cocktail. Sharing as always appreciated by your loved ones or neighbors! 🙂 […]

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What to do in November

1. Reduce irrigation. Continue irrigating (as needed) to prevent drought stress. A good way to tell water is needed is when turf turns blue-gray in color and/or footprinting occurs. Irrigate following onset of frost (browning of foliage) if needed to prevent winter dehydration in cooler portions of Florida. 2. Make a small brush pile for […]

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Fall Plantings

October is a great time to plant some cool season vegetables such as broccoli, lettuces, carrots, beets, tomatoes, radishes, and brussel sprouts. Mend the soil with some mushroom compost (or some of your own if you have it!), and dig holes twice the size of the pot so the soil is loosened and roots have […]

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Perfect Time to Plant

Fall season planting has numerous benefits. Trasnpiration (the process of moisture flowing through plants, into the leaves, where it there changes into vapor and released into the atmosphere) is low which means less water is required than if the tree were planted in the spring or summer, and root generation is high. Temperatures are typically […]

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Crape Murder

Crape Myrtles are beautiful blooming trees that give us vibrant color in the summer time, but many people prune them incorrectly. I’m sure during the winter time you have seen trunks cut off, leaving bare sticks in the landscape. The thought behind this process is that blooms appear on new growth, so with more new […]

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Plants for the Summer

Living in Florida, we experience brutal summer temperatures. Luckily for us we are able to stay cool with air conditioning… but our plants however are not this lucky. Most of us don’t want to run our irrigation systems daily, but we also don’t want to have a yard of dirt. The best way to keep […]

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Recognize Poor Planting Techniques and the Consequences of Improper Mulching

Planting trees is all about the details. For example, did you know the tree will settle and actually sink a few inches? This is why it is important to plant above ground level and never cover the top of the root ball. Did you know that mulching right against the trunk of the tree can […]

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