Protecting your Citrus and Fruit Trees

You may have heard of this saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Cure.” This is very true when pertaining to gardening. Any time after Labor Day to the end of October is the perfect time to plant a citrus or fruit tree. The weather is mild in the fall and the […]

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September is Time to Plan

Leaves are changing. Your grass isn’t growing as fast anymore.The growing season is winding down. Its time to start preparing your yard and garden for fall. Here in north Florida, many are excited to escape the heat and enjoy cooler nights and days while our friends in northern parts of the country are hoping for […]

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Summer Issues

During the summer months, a lot of the landscape tends to look sub-par. The extreme heat can cause yellowing or browning of foliage, consistent rain can cause fungal infections, and bugs can cause numerous side affects. A horticulture oil or pesticide can assist with any pest issues, but make sure to spray the plants in […]

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Monarch Butterflies

Want to attract Monarchs and other pollinators to your yard? Click the link below to learn what to plant as a food source for these beautiful butterflies! Read More

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April Newsletter

Now is a great time to sow your seeds, propagate cuttings or transplant over grown plants. Morning or evening time is the best time to avoid over stressing the plant. Be sure to water daily to prevent transplant shock. If your leaves droop, continue to water, even 2x’s day if needed. Fertilize plants now to […]

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