Storm Season

1. Choose the right plants. We always promote using the right plant for the right place. Using Florida friendly plants is always important, but even more so when it comes to storm season. See a list of trees here that are deemed appopropriate and somewhat hurricane resistant by the University of Florida. 2. Inspect your […]

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Tree & Shrub Warranty

Tree and Shrub Warranty 717

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July Landscape To-Dos

Source: University of Florida IFAS Extention What to do in July Lawns: Determine the cause of any lawn problems before taking action. If an insect is the culprit, treat only the affected area. Rule out disease or sprinkler malfunction. See Your Florida Lawn: Fertilizer Bans: Certain municipalities in north Florida prohibit the application of fertilizer to lawns […]

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Indoor Gardening

Love gardening but hate the heat? Take a break from your landscape and take the time to focus on adding complimentary pieces to your home. Nothing makes a home like some nice greenery! Plant choices will depend on the type of light you have in your rooms and how much maintenance you are willing to […]

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Tree Sale

10% Off Trees & Shrubs (15 gallon or larger) When you purchase installation. Now through July 31st. Now is the time to plant that palm tree you always wanted, add a shade tree, or put some privacy along your property line. Most materials come with a one year warranty if in-ground irrigation is present. Add […]

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Summer Bingo

summer time bingo

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Zoysia Sod is great for a low mowing height

Sod Care

Lay sod within 24-48 hours of delivery for highest chance of survival. SOD CARE SHEET & BEST PRACTICES

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5 Reasons to Grow Aloe

Aloe plants can be grown indoors or outside. They are very low maintenance, requiring little care and water. Place in a bright light room, full sun or part shade area, and reap the benefits of this awesome plant! 1.Antioxidant & Antibacterial – The compounds found in aloe vera gel inhibit the growth of certain bacteria […]

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Red White and Blue

Reds: Caladiums, Dipladenia, Hibiscus     Whites: Caladiums, Begonias, Pentas Blues: Blue Daze, Blue Agave, Blue Pottery

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6 tips for the New Mom

Bringing home new plants can be both exciting and nerve racking… especially if you have failed before or don’t have a green thumb. Fear not! We have these simple guidelines to help you have success. 1. Start with “Easy” Plants     Start off with something low maintenance. Succulents, cactus, Sanseveria, and Pothos, are all […]

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