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  • Allamanda

    $12.99$19.99/3 gal. on trellis, /3 gal.

  • Alocasia Elephant Ear

    $7.99$95.00/1 gal., /15 gal., /3 gal., /7 gal.

  • Areca Palm

    $15.99$95.00/15 gal., /3 gal., /7 gal.

  • Bleeding Heart

    $15.99/3 gal. on trellis

  • Caladium

    $2.99$12.99/1 gal., 4.5" pot

  • Canna Lily

    $5.99$19.99/1 gal., /3 gal., /7 gal.

  • Cassia Tree

  • Cataractarum Palm

    $15.99$65.00/15 gal., /3 gal., /7 gal.

  • Chenille

    $5.99/1 gal.

  • Chinese Fan Palm

    $29.99$185.00/15 gal., /3 gal., /30 gal., /7 gal.

  • Crossandra

    $2.99$5.99/1 gal., 4.5" pot

  • Croton

    $6.99$12.99/1 gal., /3 gal.

  • Dipladenia

    $7.99$15.99/1 gal., /3 gal.

  • Duranta Sapphire

    $4.99$11.99/1 gal., /3 gal.

  • Dwarf Sugar Palm

    $185.00/30 gal.

  • Elephant Ear


  • Fiddle Leaf Fig

    $24.99$70.00/3 gal., /7 gal.

  • Foxtail Palm

    $29.99$300.00/45 gal., /15 gal., /3 gal., /30 gal., /7 gal.

  • Gardenia

    $11.99$69.99/3 gal., /7 gal.

  • Giant Milkweed

    $29.99/3 gal.

  • Hibiscus

    $12.99$44.99/3 gal., /7 gal.

  • Ixora

    $12.99/3 gal.

  • Kalanchoe

    $6.99/1 gal.

  • Lady Palm

    $60.00$285.00/25 gallon, /15 gal., /3 gal., /7 gal.

  • Lantana 1 gallon


    $4.99/1 gal.

  • Lemon Grass


  • Leopard Plant 3 gallon

    Leopard Plant

    $18.00/3 gal.

  • Mandevilla

    $7.50$21.99/1 gal. on trellis, /3 gal. on trellis, /3 gal.

  • Papyrus

    $5.99$24.99/1 gal., /3 gal.

  • Peace Lily

    $10.99$15.99/1 gal., /3 gal.

  • Philodendron Selloum

    $11.99/3 gal.

  • Plumbago

    $12.99/3 gal.

  • Pothos

    $7.99/1 gal.

  • Red Sister

    $14.99/3 gal.

  • Sago

    $60.00/7 gal.

  • Saribus Palm

  • Shrimp Plant

    $6.00$29.99/3 gal. Standard (single trunk), /1 gal., /3 gal.

  • Stromanthe

    $16.00/3 gal.

  • Tibouchina Princess Flower

    $12.99$50.00/7 gal. Standard (Single Trunk), /3 gal., /7 gal.

  • Wax Palm

  • Yesterday Today Tomorrow

    $15.99$50.00/3 gal., /7 gal.

Fernandina Location: 474389 E State Rd 200, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Jacksonville Location: 13385 N. Main St. Jacksonville, FL 32218
Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Jacksonville Location: 8178 San Jose Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32217
Monday - Saturday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Liberty Landscape Supply
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Gordon Parker
Gordon Parker
14:26 21 Dec 21
John and his crew from Liberty Fernandina Beach delivered 3 really nice 30 gal podocarpus they did a great job in planting and gave out some great information on care and maintenance. Thanks for the job well done!-G
Ashley Cannon
Ashley Cannon
18:35 08 Dec 21
Liberty just did a major landscaping overhaul on our new home. The prior owner had removed all plants/shrubs and placed granite rock down in the former beds. The rocks were unsightly, cold, and strewn throughout the sod. Liberty provided a landscape design, and in a 3-day period, removed all of the rock and plastic, re-sodded a couple of damaged areas in the yard, installed many plantings, and placed mulch in the beds and around trees. The job was done in less than 3 days, and they were able to work with us on some on-the-spot changes. Also identified a tree that was in my yard to give me some tips on maintenance. Super nice and hard working crew. The worksite was clean when they left, and we were happy customers. Shout out to Kozman, Adam, and crew for a job well done!
Dan Halladay
Dan Halladay
18:19 26 Nov 21
I wouldn’t spend my money with your company. Your consultation expert was rude and crass. I don’t need a full project done and just needed a refresh of plants and upkeep. I explained that over the phone and feel like I was trying to be sold on an entire project once he came here. I didn’t understand that this company doesn’t assist with maintenance, so that is my misunderstanding. Even if this company did do maintenance, I would find someone else. I definitely do not like to be flat out disrespected.
Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis
23:37 19 Nov 21
I bought sod 3 times this week. Liberty landscape had the best sod out of the 3 places. Employees were professional and helpful. I will buy here again.
Theresa Murphy
Theresa Murphy
16:07 19 Nov 21
Mostly clean fill dirt. Please with the product, and even more pleased with our delivery driver. Jeremy has had to deliver multiple loads on multiple days to our house. He has been very careful not to drive over the grass or water cutoff valve. He has placed the dirt where I requested. He has given us a courtesy call to let us know he is in the way. He has been very professional and easy to work with.
Mike Todd
Mike Todd
12:21 13 Nov 21
Great selection and knowledgeable staff. They also offer delivery and installation
Michelle Gelles
Michelle Gelles
19:29 15 Aug 21
So happy with the design, plant and tree choices, as well as the installation of landscaped plant beds. Garron is very knowledgeable about the plants and the best placement for each one. The installation team was efficient and knowledgeable too. Overall, it was a great experience!
Lep Stewart
Lep Stewart
22:47 08 Aug 21
What a lovely convenient place to pick up our yard needs. It’s a short drive North of our house in Springfield. They have all the plants, rocks, dirts and mulches you need! We popped up there today for a few bales of hay for our chicken coop. We picked up some lemongrass for mosquitoes and rodents why we were there.
Latasha Martin
Latasha Martin
17:50 19 Jul 21
My experience was one that will keep me as a customer. Jeremy Installed a Roebelenii that was just gorgeous! he was professional and made sure I was pleased with the placement, really fantastic service. Couldn’t have asked for better service.
Renee Mantia
Renee Mantia
16:29 12 Jul 21
I love Liberty Landscape. I could walk around looking at the plants forever. And, of course, I always have to buy something. Today was a fiddle leaf fig kind of day.
Melissa Dore
Melissa Dore
22:35 01 Jul 21
Landscaping overhaul! I went into Liberty on N. Main Street in May to inquire about perennials and it turned into a fantastic overhaul. Garron was exceptional to work with. She came out to our house, gave us an estimate, and helped us to pick out plants that I liked. We were having our house painted and they went out there way to split the job out so they could pull out all of the hedges near the foundation so the painters could paint. We literally pulled out our entire landscaping. I've attached pictures of the completed project. Thank you, Garron and Team. You guys rock!
Steve I.
Steve I.
13:17 02 Jun 21
Despite our best efforts over a year to save it, our home's signature 20-year old Canary Island Date Palm on our front lawn succumbed to disease. We began our search for its replacement at Liberty and we asked Matt Graves to help us. His patience and knowledge of the many palm species available was invaluable in helping find a beautiful Sylvester date palm that should soon bear a pleasing resemblance to our original tree when it was in its prime.At an estimated one and half tons, the removal of our old palm was a big challenge. Liberty's crew: Adam, Tomas, Santiago worked in perfect synchrony - and for hours without a break - to extricate the enormous old palm's huge root ball and prepare the ground for our new palm tree. Their expertise and camaraderie were apparent as they had to meet repetitive challenges to break the old tree's tenacious grip with the ground. In digging, prying, rocking, hoisting and lowering the dead palm into a large truck, Adam's expert mastery of a large wheel loader made it appear an extension of his own body.After our new tree had been gingerly lowered and securely nested, "John,” Liberty's irrigation expert arrived. He reattached our sprinklers that had become hopelessly intermingled with the roots of the old tree. John's tenacity and expertise in locating, repairing and refurbishing the old water lines to make everything work like new was exemplary.On the afternoon following the planting of our new palm, I went out to water it and was amazed to see Matt driving up to our address. He had just stopped by to see how the new palm was doing and that it looked well in its new home! Now that’s dedication to a customer's happiness almost unheard of these days!!What may be most impressive about our recent experience with Liberty and its dedicated staff is that it is so apparently the norm! Everyone in our community who has dealt with Liberty Landscaping for everything from supplies, to plants, or trees all tell the same story of people happy in their work of making others more happy in their natural surroundings. It is a great company that attracts and retains such people. Everyone at Liberty did their best for us and we look forward to working with them again.
Shane Stiltner
Shane Stiltner
17:21 11 May 21
The Liberty Landscape crew that installed my free city trees today was extremely professional, courteous, and informational. The trees look great, the mulch looks good, the water bags are great. Would recommend this crew!
Karl Shaffer
Karl Shaffer
23:44 10 May 21
Liberty is my “go to” place for landscape materials and plants. The staff have always worked hard to make sure my purchases are the best available and loaded with care. The bulk materials I’ve ordered were delivered on time and placed with precision in my yard. One individual, Antonio, has been extremely helpful by listening to my needs, helping me find and select the best plants, and completing the process efficiently so that I can get back to my garden.
Summer Andersen
Summer Andersen
20:35 31 Mar 21
Nursery has some of the most unique and beautiful plants. Garron is amazing! The staff are beyond helpful and patient answering questions and making even the most inexperienced gardener feel at ease and confident. Love this place!
Dana Arn
Dana Arn
19:22 31 Mar 21
They are full of flowers and trees right now! The place is gorgeous. I found a few small succulent treasures too, I got the last ones, not sure when their next shipment is. Friendly service too.
John Kormendi
John Kormendi
21:09 27 Mar 21
Well organized, nice selection of plants and trees. Employees were friendly and very helpful. Very good variety of landscaping needs including large rocks down to small pebbles in varied colors.Definitely worth a gardeners visit.
LeeAnn Huebner
LeeAnn Huebner
23:36 17 Mar 21
We purchased 3, 15 gallon Queen Palm trees from Liberty Landscape, Patrick assisted us. They were delivered and planted by Jeremy, who did a fantastic job. We thought we knew where we wanted to put them until they arrived. Jeremy was willing to move them around until we got just the right view. We can’t thank Jeremy enough for all his help in planting the palms in our yard, explaining to us the watering and care instructions. We highly recommend Patrick and Jeremy at Liberty!
Donna S
Donna S
17:16 26 Feb 21
John Bell used his masterful fork lift skills to place a large stone we had purchased at Liberty for our garden. He was patient and helpful as we decided exactly how it should be situated. We knew that due to its weight we would not be able to move it again, so John made sure that we were satisfied before he left even though it was late afternoon and his last delivery of the day.We have worked with John in the past and he is one of the reasons we return to Liberty for our gardening needs.
Cathy Hirzel
Cathy Hirzel
20:25 25 Feb 21
I have used Liberty Landscaping on 2 paver projects now and I can say that I am happy with their service and pricing. Jeremy is very easy to work with and tries very hard to be accommodating to the clients needs. I will continue to use them and recommend them to my neighbors and friends.
Rodney Sr
Rodney Sr
00:27 24 Feb 21
We on a very important landscape job ran out of mulch and supplies. We got there @ 4:55pm...... They close @ 5! The staff was super friendly & loaded my trailer. Awesome customer service!
Brent Evans
Brent Evans
14:40 18 Feb 21
Fair price, solid advice, and fantastic service. Jeremy rocks! He was most careful in planting the grapefruit tree, and also provided insights in the care of the tree as he was doing so. Liberty Landscape is fortunate having such quality representatives of their enterprise.
16:46 15 Jan 21
Everything about ordering online was easy. Friendly phone call to confirm preferred delivery date and delivery driver Jeremy was on time, was respectful and polite, and he expertly delivered the mulch exactly where I asked it be placed. Have ordered before and will order again! -Michelle in Callahan
Earl & Lynn Harden
Earl & Lynn Harden
15:01 20 Nov 20
we purchased a 30 gallon east Palatka holly and scheduled delivery and installation. Jeremy showed up on schedule and did an excellent job of installing our tree. He explained how to care for the tree and also explained the process he was going through to install this large tree. We are extremely satisfied with our new addition. Ask for Jeremy and you won't be disappointed!
Karen Mctiernan
Karen Mctiernan
15:38 01 Oct 20
This is the first time I have purchased and had a delivery from Liberty on mainstreet location in Jacksonville. The online process was easy to complete. They worked with me to accommodate the schedule I was working in, and their delivery person, Jeremy was personable and professional. Usually, I purchase from big chain stores, but this experience has changed my mind.
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