Storm Season

1. Choose the right plants.

We always promote using the right plant for the right place. Using Florida friendly plants is always important, but even more so when it comes to storm season. See a list of trees here that are deemed appopropriate and somewhat hurricane resistant by the University of Florida.

2. Inspect your trees and shrubs.

Cut off any dead limbs or branches. If you have dead trees, get these removed before storm season so they do not fall. Do not remove healthy material from the trees & shrubs and keep wounds to a minimum.

3. Clear drainage areas.

Remove debris from storm drains. If it is blocked and water cannot flow through, worse flooding may occur.

4. Decor.

Remove decorative materials, pots, and hanging baskets.

5. Irrigation.

Make sure irrigation is turned off during hurricane waters.

6. Tie down.

Secure any lawn furniture or other items outside that may get blown during high winds.

7. Stay informed, stay safe.

Make sure you are listening to reliable information, have a plan to evacuate if mandatory, and keep you and your family safe.



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