The Hurricane Lily or Lycoris Radiata is a bulbous perrenial that blooms late summer to early autumn. The tall leafless stems pop up in response to the early fall rain showers that North Floridians know as hurricane season. Bright red flowers that resemble a spider emerge from shoots that can appear overnight. Brought from Japan in the early 1800’s, this flower is easy to grow in North and Central Florida.
This ancient species of flower has many myths surrounding the bloom and the poisonous bulbs. Buddhists in China would plant the bulbs around temples of their ancestors to celebrate the arrival of fall. In Japan the bulbs were planted around rice fields to ward of mice. Another popular Japanese legend surrounding these flowers involves the flowers blooming along your pathway when you meet someone you may never see again.
Plants in the genus Lycoris are often referred to as resurrection flowers because of the leaves dying off in the early summer and the flowers reemerging from the dead leaves in the late summer or fall. These bright red, yellow or orange flowers are a beautiful site after Florida’s fall showers.

-Ashley Atkins
Liberty Landscape Supply