What to do in December

1. Harvest!
Anyone have the joy of owning a citrus tree? Now is the time where the majority of fruits are ripening and perfect for consumption! Have an over-abundance? Get creative with different recipes like a lemon pound cake or a salty dog cocktail. Sharing as always appreciated by your loved ones or neighbors! 🙂

2. Treatment
During the month of December, its a good idea to treat your citrus trees with an all purpose horticulture oil. This will rid your tree of any pests and their eggs before they have a chance to do damage to your new growth come spring time. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

3. Protect
Keep an eye on the temperatures during the cool season. Protect your citrus and tropicals with watering and covering.

4. PlantThe cool season is a great time to plant trees and shrubs as root production is at an all time high while foliage production is low. They require less watering and have a higher transplantation success rate!

5. Mulch 

If you haven’t already, mulch your planting beds. Not only will this help protect against the cool temperatures and water retention, it will have your home looking picture perfect for the holiday season.


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